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The FeatherTime Companies include a combination of
for-profit and non-profit entities created by owner, Bruce W. Feathers,
as his personal interpretation of what social entrepreneurialism means to him.

Bruce Feathers

Meet Bruce W. Feathers

In my mind, business success is the ultimate goal and strategic cornerstone of progressive social entrepreneurs. I believe we should create and undergird non-profits, mentor young people, provide internships, offer tours to grade school children, sit on community boards, help the “least of these”, and much more.

— Bruce W. Feathers, Chairman & CEO

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This country, and indeed the world, faces rising socio-economic issues that often originate from unemployment enhanced by the extraordinary pace of technocentric change.

When Big Business and Social Scientist devise ways to employ the previously “unemployable” through social-entrepreneuring, I get excited.  The idea is to bridge the gap between the altruism of non-profit organizations, and the financial necessities required of for-profit entities. Since the capitalistic value proposition for big business success, is so entrenched in corporate business models, smaller community-minded businesses must lead the way!

Read more, learn our mission, help us to do business… and people!

The FeatherTime Companies


FeatherLite Gloves

With our gloves, FeatherLite leads an alliance specializing in a wide variety of hand protection ranging from leather and cotton, to neoprene and disposables. Our generations of teams enjoy their active involvement in manufacturing, importing, logistics, warehousing and sales.

We have strategic factory partnerships in five off-shore countries, while domestically manufacturing specialty leather gloves in our Oregon factory including models for law enforcement, and high quality deer, elk and goatskin driving gloves.

FeatherLite is an importer, manufacturing large quantities of hand protection for our national glove customers. This allows us to leverage savings for local prospects who are accustomed to buying from distributors who purchase from importers, like ourselves.

Our safety products division offers helmets, eye and hearing protection, vests, respirators, fall protection, Doc Martens safety boots, disposable shoe covers and more.


Beginning with the British in the 17th Century, American culture became skilled at successfully assimilating nationalities into American society. We are indeed a nation built on that success, as those who have done so are the Americans of today. However, we are not so skilled at assisting any one person who became alienated from society after falling prey to societal ills.

They include vices such as anxiety, depression, attention disorders, irrational decisions-making, obesity, and “fill the void” addictions like – gambling, drugs, alcohol, and a wide spectrum of others.

The rebounding journey towards re-assimilation is likely for those with life-skills and adequate employment histories, but less likely for those without such assets.

Bruce W. Feathers, Executive Director of Butterflies & Feathers benefited from a higher education. He also developed a variety of life-skills as a Dale Carnegie graduate, 20 years employed in corporate America, and over a decade as a nationally certified minority business owner. However, before and part of those 30 plus years, he was in bondage to drug and alcohol addiction. On his rebounding journey, he noticed that people with assets received a disproportionate amount of societal attention or assistance “programs”, then those without. This lead Mr. Feathers to launch Butterflies, designed to provide basic care, counseling, and funding to qualified candidates who demonstrate the passion and commitment toward reattachment. As part of their journey, many often lack the simple, meager, but necessary things that can eventually become overwhelming obstacles.

For example: expenses for car repair, an infant car seat, fuel, other transportation, job interviewing apparel, literacy classes, child care provider, key document replacements funds, and much more. Butterflies is just a simple non-profit, caring for one’s simple needs.

Separate and distinct, Butterflies also facilities small groups for those who are yet provoked or struggling with the vices listed above, but are committed to total deliverance. A beginning focus in our groups, is to consider one’s adverse childhood-adolescent experiences, in an effort to expose root contributors to pathological behavioral disorders. Traumatologist, sociologist, and physicians, often point to these strong correlations. In fact, many researchers say it is so strong, that some “addictions” are more attributable to these experiences, than the addictive characteristics of the drug itself. In short, emotional handicaps from childhood, are often “stuffed” in what I refer to as the “bag of pain”. Unrecognized and silenced, eventually painful experiences in this bag re-emerge in stealth, causing an array of coping mechanisms that can lead to self-destructive behavior patterns.

Butterflies regards these vices as “caterpillar” living!  Yet we also believe that with God, and the caring hearts of people…. Caterpillars can become Butterflies in process!

(Partner Organizations: Friends of The Children ● YMCA ● Union Gospel Mission ● Urban Bridges ● Faithful Friends)

Donations can be mailed to:
Butterflies & Feathers | PO Box 20955 | Portland, Or 97294

Butterflies and Feathers also provides topical biblical lessons, group counseling, and individual counseling and therapy, specific to the
subject matter and designed to provide persons with the tools to break free from hurts, habits, hangups and addictions.

This comprehensive program presented by Butterflies is called: CELEBRATE RECOVERY.
FREE Every Monday night. Click button below for more details.

Celebrate Recovery

We’ve never seen a belly-ridden caterpillar
who couldn’t become a Butterfly with Feathers.


Pat Feathers embodies a passion for training and equipping young people to be the best they can possibly be. She knows that the lessons children learn early will not only be beneficial to them now but for a lifetime. She teaches kids to be strong, confident, self-assured, graceful and respectful in a world where many of these qualities seem to be a lost cause. It is Pat’s dream to refresh and renew the lessons in life that will NEVER completely be forgotten.

There is a notable Biblical saying, “Train up a child in the way that he should go, so when he is old, he will not depart.” This is Pat’s God-given vision, passion and life goal.

Urban Bridges


Urban Bridges is a program designed to train, teach and mentor young people from the ages of 8 to 21 years old through image enhancement, etiquette and personal development training. As a bonus, modeling techniques are available to those with a specialized interest. Each child’s future is secured with the knowledge that they are somebody, and they matter. The are taught valuable life skills, personal enhancement techniques and basic core values such as balance, accountability, interdependence, empowerment and leverage.

“A bridge is a vehicle to get from one side to another safely. One’s bridge can be a loved one, a friend, a stranger, a teacher or a special program that shows one another way and keeps one from making poor choices, from getting in trouble, or quite frankly, saves one’s life.”

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Celebrate Recovery

Bruce W. Feathers is Director of Celebrate Recovery (CR), a biblical and balanced program that helps one overcome hurts, hangups, and habits. CR was founded by Rick Warren (author of The Purpose Driven Life) and John Baker. This recovery curriculum has been used in over 20,000 churches nationwide, and has been published and translated into 3 languages. Most people are familiar with the classic 12 step programs and undoubtedly many lives have been helped. However, the CR curriculum is designed to transform lives by being specific about the nature of God, and the saving power of Jesus, the Christ. Some programs only deal with alcohol, drugs or another single problem, but CR is a “large umbrella” program under which a limitless number of issues can be dealt with. Persons are going to see their lives change in dramatic ways!

Offered at:  Christ Memorial Community Church • 1552 N. Killingsworth (corner of Interstate and Killingsworth).
Every Monday night. Light dinner and coffee at 5:45pm with program starting promptly at 6:30pm.

Recover and gain deliverance from these devastating issues in our lives including:
Hurts, hangups, habits, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, food addiction, co-dependency,
gambling addiction, early childhood trauma, physical abuse, emotional abuse, love and relationship issues.

Questions? Call: 503.335.7110 or 503.206.5136.

For more information visit the national web site at
www.celebraterecovery.com or call 503.206.5136


Phone: 503.206.5136
Fax: 503.335.3986
Email: butterflies.feathers@gmail.com

Bruce with Former Oregon Governor Kulongoski

Bruce W. Feathers with Former Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski discussing his proposal for local small businesses to reinvest in local non-profit to help boost quality of life in Oregon Communities.